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Strategy & Planning

Our strategy team will help you define audiences and determine how you can scale your impact. Then we throw it to our amazing technical team to implement the best tools for your organization. That's our famous secret sauce—making sure every technology solution is linked to the bigger picture of engagement.

Are you struggling to implement the latest, greatest technology tools without a clear sense of how they help you engage audiences, achieve your mission, or attract and keep new customers?

Groundwire Consulting's strategy team can help! We combine best practices of audience engagement, relationship management, campaign design, and content strategy to help you figure out how to make the smartest possible investments in technology and develop a plan for putting that technology to use.

We guide you through this process:

  • Identifying your theory of change.
  • Developing an Engagement Pyramid that outlines how you engage with people and develop your relationships with them over time.
  • Identifying your target audiences (no, "the general public" doesn't count!) and your engagement superpowers.
  • We use Groundwire's famous Engagement Benchmarking Survey. An online communications audit, to identify areas where you're already performing well and where you want to improve.
  • Developing appropriate ways to measure your success at online engagement.
  • Planning, budgeting for and prioritizing future investments in technology systems such as websites, CRM databases, social media and more.
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Ready to change the world? We'll help you with powerful engagement strategy, Salesforce CRM, integrated websites, and overall Groundwire Consulting superpowers.

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Making us Blush

New tools are sweet, it's true. However, a new tool does not a strategy make. Groundwire Consulting has helped ICL sift through the various online advocacy tools out there and select the best options for us given our budget and theory of change. From the beginning our tech and web upgrades have been linked directly to our strategic goals.

Sara Arkle
Communications Associate
Idaho Conservation League