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Overview of Social Media & Mobile

Your Social Network

Social Media is a powerful tool for building relationships with your supporters and customers. We help you effectively use online social networks as an element in your overall relationship-building effort. We'll work with you to determine the best social media strategy for your organization, and we'll set you up with the best tools to monitor and measure your social networking goals.


Smart phones are the new PCs so we'll make sure your website and email templates are optimized for mobile. We'll also help you determine how mobile best fits into your engagement and relationship-building strategy.

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Ready to change the world? We'll help you with powerful engagement strategy, Salesforce CRM, integrated websites, and overall Groundwire Consulting superpowers.

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Making us Blush

Groundwire Consulting knows Salesforce inside and out. Staff is accessible all the time for on-the-fly advice, and they customize solutions to meet our specific needs. They singlehandedly elevated our entire organization's effectiveness by improving processes and metrics.

Matt Stewart
Head of Marketing
Alliance for Climate Education