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Overview of our process

At Groundwire Consulting we believe that successful relationship building does not start with shiny online tools, even though we have a whole bag full of those, but first and foremost with solid strategy. We call that engagement strategy and we start there. A full engagement platform that supports your mission, vision and the business needs of your organization is where we finish.

Engagement Strategy

We start with a full review of your current strategic documents. We work to make sure your organization's programs and activities are clearly aligned in the most powerful way by doing a complete review of your organization's Theory of Change. Next, we define the roles and value propositions for your core audiences and customize an engagement pyramid with measurements and tactics worthy of your mission. Finally, we deliver our full engagement vision to your leadership team.

Technical Discovery

Groundwire Consulting sits down with everyone from your fundraising team to your program staff to understand not only how we can support new engagement but how can we automate the processes and information flow critical to your organization's success. We complete an assessment of your organization's needs appropriate to your project and deliver functionality and user stories that your staff can easily understand and prioritize. We estimate and recommend appropriate budgets to achieve a shared project vision together and together agree on an implementation plan that delivers the value you need.


Our expert technical team delivers real implementation results every two weeks to our customers. The fancy word for our methodology is called Agile/Scrum. All you need to know is that you regularly get to test and touch the technology we build for you. We regularly review our project with you and provide the opportunities to collaborate with us on shaping the future stages of your project.


Groundwire Consulting offers three level of ongoing support for our clients that provides the support of our entire team once your project is complete. We carefully pick the missions we invest our resources in so we want to support your organization's use of our technology completely.

We know you have big plans to change the world. It's our mission to help you do it. Contact us to get started.

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Making us Blush

Groundwire Consulting knows Salesforce inside and out. Staff is accessible all the time for on-the-fly advice, and they customize solutions to meet our specific needs. They singlehandedly elevated our entire organization's effectiveness by improving processes and metrics.

Matt Stewart
Head of Marketing
Alliance for Climate Education