Meet our clients.


We work with a broad range of clients who are interested in creating thriving communities and a healthy planet—whether they are bringing eco-friendly products to market, engaging the community around public health and the environment, or protecting our most sacred wild lands and waterways.

We bring the power of engagement to all sectors—nonprofit, for-profit, and government—because we know all hands on deck creates a quicker path to a healthy planet for all.

Making us Blush

Groundwire Consulting helped us launch a new Salesforce database that finally integrates 22 years worth of spreadsheets, staff knowledge, and 3 separate email tools! This means we know who supports us, can create communications that fit the audience, and can analyze where we stand. Thank you, Groundwire Consulting, for helping us protect the Northwest’s most important wild places.

Barbara Christensen
Online Communications and IT
Conservation Northwest